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Essentials of NRI PAN Applications

NRIs having a source of income in India or entering the following transactions need to mandatorily apply for a PAN Card with the Income Tax.

When Mandatory

  1. Sale/ Purchase of Motor Vehicle/ Vehicle other than two Wheeled Vehicles
  2. Opening an account with Bank/ Co-operative Bank
  3. Opening a Demat account with the Depository, Participant, or Custodian of securities
  4. Purchase of units of mutual funds exceeding Rs.50,000
  5. Acquisition of Debentures/ Bonds exceeding Rs.50,000 issued by the Company/ Institution
  6. Cash deposit in Bank/ Co-operative Bank exceeding Rs.50,000 in a single day
  7. A time deposit exceeding Rs.50,000 or aggregating to Rs. 5 lakh during a FY with Bank/ Cooperative bank, Post office, Nidhi company, NBFC
  8. Payment for Insurance premiums exceeding Rs.50,000
  9. A contract for Sale/ Purchase of securities (other than shares) for amount exceeding Rs. 1 lakh per transaction
  10. Sale/ Purchase of shares of unlisted Companies for an amount exceeding Rs.1 lakh per transaction
  11. Sale/ Purchase of any immovable property for an amount exceeding Rs.10 lakh

Documents required to be enclosed with the PAN application

  1. Proof of Identity: Copy of passport
  2. Proof of address (any of the following):
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of bank account statement in the country of residence
  • Copy of NRE bank account statement (showing atleast 2 transaction in last 6 months duly attested by the Indian Embassy/ consular office/ high commission or apostille or by the bank manager in which the account is held. The applicant may be a joint holder.

3. Two Passport-sized photograph

Online Application Form

Form 49A on UTIITSL

Other points: – A foreign address can be provided as residential and office address by NRI’s, if they do not have any Indian address.

Do’s and Don’ts while filling application


  1. Application Form should be filed in Block letter with the Black pen
  2. Signature should be within the box and should not run on the photograph
  3. Name should exactly match with the proof of identity and proof of address


  1. Do not overwrite in the application form
  2. Do not write date or place underneath your signatures

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